Toyota Establishes New Mobility Service Unit

Courtesy of Toyota Motor Co.

Toyota Motor Corp. will merge its subsidiary Toyota Fleet Leasing Co. Ltd. with its second-tier subsidiary Toyota Tokyo Rental & Leasing Co. Ltd. to establish a new company — Toyota Mobility Service Co. Ltd. — on April 1, 2018, the company announced yesterday.

Specific initiatives of Toyota Mobility Service Co. include collaborating with Toyota’s in-house companies and Toyota Group vehicle manufacturers; developing and providing new mobility services; constructing a high-quality maintenance network in cooperation with Toyota dealers; and proactively collaborating and forming tie-ups with external companies that already operate in the automobile leasing and sharing fields.

“In addition to aiming to strengthen the existing corporate automobile leasing and rental car businesses, Toyota intends to plan and provide new mobility services in anticipation of a mobility society,” the company said in an announcement. The mobility service subsidiary will operate in Tokyo, Japan.

The new company will work with Toyota, as well as with Toyota Group vehicle manufacturing companies including Toyota Connected Co. in the connected area, Toyota Finance Corp. in finance, and Toyota Usec in the used-car business.

“In the future, Toyota aims to become the leading company of a mobility society by developing and offering mobility services adapted to a connected society,” according to the announcement.

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